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Do you feel stuck? Lost? Depressed? Each of us can experience hard times, feel scared and alone.


Sometimes life's stresses be they financial, family, individual relationships, parenting, work and so forth  impact our well-being.


Sometimes we re left reeling or feeling empty after a loss, a death, a separation, a planned or unplanned change, unexpected news.


The impact can lead us to feel out of control, low in mood, anxious and alone, stuck!


The impact can be negative on all of you, your feelings, thoughts and physical health.


It can also interfere with your personal friendships, your intimate relationships, being able to go out the door.


Taking time out to look at what's happening to you and the people and things that matter to you, matters.

Why not choose to take an hour a week, less or more to talk about whatever s impacting your world in a not OK way, to help you regain the you that you want to be,

the you that matters. 

As a Well-being Counselor with many years experience, working together we can agree whatyou

would like to focus on in your sessions.

I will work with you and encourage you - to regain feeling good enough, OK, being grounded, being kind to yourself;  work on creating ways to manage the dark and hard places, make more sense of them and regain your sense of okayness, so you regain a sense of purpose and calm to develop and grow.

Cost : £35 - 55 / session.



Experienced Counsellor

Since 1986  I’ve worked with all ages of children, young people, adults, parents, carers, professionals, homeless, unemployed, families, professionals, students, builders, cleaners and so forth as we can all struggle at times. 

We're all  human after all! And not feeling ok is a perfectly healthy feeling at times, until we get stuck!

I enjoy naming and make sense of the obstacles that cause people to get stuck

and seeing a person regain their sense of Okayness.

In my late teens and into my 20's I was a cleaner and packed boxes, did some admin roles

and worked evenings as an assistant youth worker,.

I went on to gain various qualifications and work in probation, social services, schools  and the NHS.

I ve held senior management and 'on the ground roles', an author and speaker.

I am a fully qualified Transactional Analysis counselling psychotherapist and supervisor. 

I enjoy face to face contact with people.  Happily work on whats app too.

Life's short and if you re unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled, let's work together to handle the issues

that are standing in the way of your goals and/or your recovery from trauma, abuse and distress

Get in touch today to see how we might work together.


Every stage, another delight, another challenge. Don't struggle on your own. 

Children don't come into the world with a handbook, it's tough as well as great being a parent.  Its also normal to feel unsure, out of your depth, scared of getting it wrong, not want to parent like you were, struggle with boundaries, when to say No, bedtimes, diet, which school, which way should I parent?

  • 'It's my fault he's naughty, I left his dad.' 

  • 'Why won't she go to bed at night?' 


  • 'She's self harming cos her friends do, but what do I do?' 

  • 'He won't stop looking at a screen!' 

  • 'I'm exhausted.'

If any of the above sounds like something you re dealing with, then don't struggle with it on your own come and talk it through and get some support. Cost : 6 sessions @ £25/session. Individual £30-45.

Together at the Top



Victoria Ctre, Stafford rd., SHEFFIELD S2 2SE


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'To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the biggest accomplishment of all.'

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am confident he would have struggled so much more without your support and advice.
You have enabled him to find strategies to aid him and build his own self confidence by coming through various things and dealing with things in his own way,

It was brilliant to work with you on my lack of self esteem, Just after a few sessions I ve started to believe in myself so much more .

I felt so low when we started working together

I now understand it was nt all about me and the sessions have help me feel so much more ok about myself, thank you. 

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